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Oto wykaz różnych lokalnych i międzynarodowych organizacji oraz stron internetowych związanych mniej lub bardziej z ideą wolontariatu.

W Polsce

Najlepiej poszukiwać ofert poprzez Internet na stronie lub w dziale Wiadomości/Ogłoszenia. Można tam również zamieścić własne ogłoszenie.

Inna strona z ofertami to : Towarzystwo Wzajemnej Informacji

Dobrze jest skontaktować się z lokalnym Centrum Wolontariatu , które działa w większościmiast wojewódzkich. Centra te powinny mieć również wykaz ofert z danego regionu. Poza tym Centra prowadzą kursy i szkolenia dla wolontariuszy oraz udzielają informacji i pomocy przyszłym wolontariuszom.

Kolejne namiary to:

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat z Poznania, które zajmuje się głównie organizacją workcampów w Polsce i za granicą.

Dla zainteresowanych pracą na gospodarstwach ekoturystycznych polecam ECEAT - Poland

Za granicą

Wolontariat za granicą

Wolontariat na farmach ekologicznych WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms )

Powyższe strony i organizacje uważam za w dość wiarygodne ale już to co zamieszczone jest poniżej pochodzi z zagranicznych stron internetowych i większość z tych organizacji jest mi nieznana wiec niestety nic bliższego nie mogę Wam o nich powiedzieć.

Rethinking Tourism Project - The Rethinking Tourism Project, an Indigenous organization based in Minnesota, offers volunteer opportunities for students and others to work with us in our home office. Volunteers learn about responsible tourism and international development issues from the Indigenous perspective. We also offer 2 volunteer positions in our partners' southern Mexico office each semester. Non-paid positions and require a 3-month commitment. Contact: Rethinking Tourism Project, 1873 Iglehart Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55104; Tel./fax 651-644-9984
ServeNET-ServeNET - The World of serving and volunteering. Offers a gateway to Youth Service America (YSA) and volunteer opportunities.


Action Without Borders-Action Without Borders - "Action Without Borders is a global network of individuals and organizations sharing ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives." Volunteers opportunities, non-profit jobs, non-profit internships worldwide and more at this very rich site that links people and organizations in 120 Countries
AMNU-AMNU - Association Modèle des Nations Unies à l'Université de Lausanne Towards the goal of promoting international awareness, the Model United Nations Association (AMNU) organizes annual simulations of high level international conferences, bringing together delegations composed of students from around the world. These students play the role of diplomats representing the member countries of the United Nations, confronting current and concrete international issues. They must try to reconcile the need for effective solutions with the specific interests of their respective countries. This results in engaging discourse as well as debates, behind the scene negotiations, and finally compromises which take the form of official resolutions. All this takes place below the vigilant supervision of high U.N. functionaries, in the hope that the simulations be as realistic as possible.
An American in a Refugee Camp -An American in a Refugee Camp - by Charu Newhouse - I’m often asked how and why I went to the camp. It’s relatively simple, my background is in human rights and international relations. After bartending and waitressing my way through Europe, I was interested in doing something a bit more meaningful. I’ve always felt the need to give something back to the countries I’ve traveled through and lived in. After all, those countries have given me some very profound experiences. So when I arrived in Budapest, I grabbed a telephone book and found out the Hungarian Red Cross was just down the street from my hostel. I went there with an interest in refugee work anywhere in Eastern Europe and they in turn dropped me off at Debreceni Menekült Tábor, the Debrecen Refugee Camp. (Escape From America Magazine article.)
Blue Dog Adventures - Blue Dog Adventures - Equestrian placements & Adventure Internships worldwide. Professional training includes learning to lead horseback safaris, training to crew a 200 foot tall ship, becoming a Scuba DiveMaster, & volunteering with young horses. Opportunities throughout Africa, the Americas and Europe.
Books On Volunteer Jobs Overseas - Books On Volunteer Jobs Overseas- Our expatriate bookstore has an entire page of books on volunteer jobs overseas.
CARE Corps - CARE Corps - CARE is one of the world's largest private international relief and development organizations. Founded in the aftermath of World War II, CARE enabled Americans to send more than 100 million CARE PackagesŽ to survivors of the conflict in Europe and Asia. CARE has become a leader in sustainable development and emergency aid, reaching tens of millions of people each year in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. For more than 50 years now, CARE has been a vehicle of American generosity abroad.
Cabo San Francisco Foundation - Cabo San Francisco Foundation- FCSF is a non-profit organization, constituted legally in the year 1994 by ministrial agreement # 002908 and whose members are in their majority inhabitants of the community. The Foundation offers opportunities for volunteers in communitarian services, investigation and conservation of the flora and fauna of the region. The zone of influence of the Foundation is the parish of San Francisco, pertaining to the canton Muisne, province of Esmeraldas and has an approximated extension of 150 Km². The program of volunteers provides practical experience for people interested in investigation, classification of native plants, collecting of seeds and reforestation besides to promote in the population the knowledge and care of its environment through environmental and health education. The volunteers would work with the community and under supervision of a member of the Foundation.
Cross-Cultural Solutions - Cross-Cultural Solutions- Is one of the leading international volunteer organizations in the United States and sends over 1,000 volunteers overseas every year. Cross-Cultural Solutions employs volunteer humanitarian action to empower local communities, foster cultural sensitivity and understanding, and contribute grassroots solutions to the global challenges of providing health care, education, and social development. Volunteers receive continual professional support from U.S.-based and local staff. No skills or experience required - only a desire to help and learn. Dates: Programs begin at various start dates year-round. Costs: Program fees start at $1950 (for three weeks in Ghana) and vary depending on country and length of stay. Fees cover in-country transportation, accommodations, board, and support. International airfare, insurance, and visa not included. Program fees are tax deductible. Contact: Cross-Cultural Solutions, 47 Potter Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801; 800-380-4777 or 914-632-0022, fax 914-632-8494
Doctors Without Borders - Doctors Without Borders - The home page of Doctors Without Borders USA (Medecins Sans Frontieres USA) Doctors Without Borders delivers medical relief to populations in danger due to war, civil strife, epidemics or natural disasters. Annually, more than 2,000 volunteers representing 45 nationalities work in some 70 countries in front-line hospitals, refugee camps, disaster sites, towns and villages. Doctors Without Borders teams provide primary health care, perform surgery, vaccinate children, rehabilitate hospitals, operate emergency nutrition and sanitation programs and train local medical staff.
Franciscan Mission Service - FMS prepares and sends Catholic women and men for extended assignments among oppressed and poor peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Volunteers are needed to work in the areas of health care, social service, education, agriculture and community organizing. Allow a different culture to expand your worldview. Dates: Sep-Nov 2000, 2001; 3-month preparation. Contact: Joanne Blaney, Co-director, Franciscan Mission Service, P.O. Box 29034, Washington, DC 20017; 877-886-1762, fax 202-832-1778
Global Service Corps - Global Service Corps - Service-learning, cultural immersion in Costa Rica, Kenya, or Thailand. Live with a village family while assisting grassroots organizations on community service and development projects. Project areas: rainforest conservation, sustainable agriculture, HIV/AIDS awareness, clinical health care, women's groups, classroom teaching. Experience the challenges of developing countries from the inside out. Includes orientation, training, and excursions. University credit available. Dates: Year round. Contact GSC office or check the web site for specific starting dates. Costs: $1,795-$1,995 for 2-4 week project trips; $595 per month for 2-6-month long-term extensions $2,815-$3,145 for summer and semester internships. Includes extensive pre-deparature preparation and in-country expenses (hotel and homestay room and board, orientation, training, project expenses, transportation, excursions). Airfare not included, discount rates available. Contact: Global Service Corps., 300 Broadway, #28, San Francisco, CA 94133; 415-788-3666 ext. 128, fax 415-788-7324
Global Vision International - Global Vision International - Conservation Expeditions, Research Projects and Independent Voluntary Work opportunities around the world. Join projects as diverse as: Turtle protection programs in Panama, Working with Street Children in Ecuador, Rainforest Expeditions in the Amazon and Pioneering Wildlife Research Expeditions in Africa.
Global Volunteers-Global Volunteers - "Global Volunteers, a private non-profit, non-sectarian development organization, was founded in 1984 with the goal of helping to establish a foundation for peace through mutual international understanding. Their programs center around a 1, 2, or 3 week volunteer work experience in South-east Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, or the United States." Programs range from natural resource preservation, light construction, and painting to teaching English, assisting with health care, and nurturing at-risk children. No special skills or foreign languages are required. Dates: Over 150 teams year round. Costs: Tax-deductible program fees range from $450 to $2,395. Airfare not included. Contact: Global Volunteers, 375 E. Little Canada Rd., St. Paul, MN 55117; 800-487-1074, fax 651-482-0915 - - International volunteer positions open around the world!
HUMANA People to People - HUMANA People to People - HUMANA is an international Non-Governmental Organization currently running over 150 projects in Africa, Asia and Central America involving more than 500,000 people. So far, more than 4000 Development Instructors (our word for volunteers) have participated in starting up and running these projects. HumanWeb - Click Here - Online Network of Humanitarian and Environmental Issues.
International Volunteer Program (IVP) - International Volunteer Program (IVP)- IVP is a unique project that promotes volunteerism in Europe and in the United States.
International Volunteer Projects - International Volunteer Projects- Council offers short-term international volunteer projects in more than 30 countries around the world. There are hundreds of projects to choose from in construction/renovation, archaeology, social service, and environmental work. For complete project listings: see []. Dates: Year round. Costs: From $300-$1,200 and up. Contact: Council Exchanges, 205 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10017-5706; 888-COUNCIL,
Internships International -Internships International - Quality, nonpaying internships in London, Paris, Dublin, Dresden, Santiago, Budapest, Melbourne, Bangkok, and Glasgow. Internships in all fields, from 8 weeks to 6 months. Open to college graduates and seniors requiring an internship to graduate. Dates: Based on individual's needs. Costs: $800 program fee for all cities except Dublin ($1,000). Contact: Judy Tilson, Director, Internships International, P.O. Box 480, Woolrich, ME 04579-0480; 207-443-3019, fax 207-442-7942
Job Opportunities @ Habitat for Humanity International - Job Opportunities @ Habitat for Humanity International - "Habitat for Humanity International has volunteer and salaried/hourly positions available due to the growth of our worldwide ministry. If you are a performance-oriented individual looking for an opportunity to serve God's people in need, we want to talk with you!".
Landmark Volunteers-Landmark Volunteers - "Landmark Volunteers is a nonprofit summer service organization for high school students. If you are fourteen and a half years of age or older, entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade and are looking for an opportunity to do something for others, to expand your world through community service, to give something back to society, you might qualify as a Landmark Volunteer."
Medical Volunteer Program - CMMB recruits licensed healthcare volunteers from the U.S. and Canada, for service around the world. CMMB offers long- and short-term placements in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Near East. Our greatest need is for primary care physicians and general surgeons. Dates: Year round. Costs: All volunteers receive room and board, and emergency evacuation insurance. CMMB offers in-kind support to volunteers at their site of service. Medicines and health care supplies are hand carried or sent to them. With long-term volunteers, assistance is also given for traveling, licensing, visas, and a modest stipend. Contact: Rosemary DeCostanzo, Catholic Medical Mission Board, 10 W. 17th St., New York, NY 10011; 800-678-5659, fax 212-242-0930
Natural History and Research Trips -Natural History and Research Trips - Since 1969, specialists in natural history expeditions to prime wildlife habitats. Noninvasive/noncaptive wildlife field research and habitat restoration projects: dolphins, humpback and blue whales, manatees, seabirds, coral reefs, primates. No prior experience necessary. Nonprofit 501.C.3 organization. Dates: Year round. Programs range from 5-14 days; call for current schedule. Costs: From $1,150. Contact: Oceanic Society, Ft. Mason Ctr., Bldg. E, Rm. 230, San Francisco, CA 94123-1394; 800-326-7491 or 415-441-1106, fax 415-474-3395,
New England Biolabs Foundation/ArtCorps - New England Biolabs Foundation/ArtCorps - ArtCorps is a pilot project of New England Biolabs Foundation. We place volunteer artists in developing countries to help non-profit organizations communicate more effectively. Volunteers spend 6 - 9 months with the hosting organization. We are now placing volunteers in Guatemala.
NRM changelinks - NRM changelinks- Environment & development jobs - On-line guide to int'l opportunities (paid and volunteer) in areas of environment, development & natural resource management.
Oneworld Online Volunteers site - Click Here - From the excellent Oneworld WebSite, Editor Helena Earnshaw presents a constantly updated list of the latest opportunities for volunteering for various programs from around the world.
On The Go Publishing-On The Go Publishing - Travel-related products and publications including the Volunteer Vacations Guide and the Airline Consolidators Quick Reference Chart. On The Go Publishing helps travelers save money, travel safer and have a richer experience.
QUEST - QUEST offers yearlong volunteer opportunities in the U.S., Mexico, and Haiti to women and men. Volunteers share simple living in Christian community while daily serving the poor through various agencies and schools. Dates: Year-long: late Aug-late Aug; summer: end of Jun-early Aug. Costs: Volunteers must pay own costs and transportation to site. Contact: Jenny Audrecht, Program Coordinator, 3706 Rhode Island Ave., Mt. Rainier, MD 20712; 301-277-2514, fax 301-277-8656
SCI International Voluntary Service -SCI International Voluntary Service - Volunteers needed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We also cover Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia as well as in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Romania. Dates: Two-week summer international group workcamps or in 3-12 months year round volunteering with a small stipend. Room and food provided. Participants responsible for $125 fee and airfare. Costs: $125 per program. Contact: SCI International Voluntary Service, 814 NE 40th St., Seattle, WA; 206-545-6585, fax 206-545-6585
Service Learning Programs -Service Learning Programs - The International Partnership for Service-Learning, founded in 1982, is an incorporated not-for-profit organization serving colleges, universities, service agencies, and related organizations around the world by fostering programs that link community service and academic study. Countries include: Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Jamaica, Israel, India, Mexico, Philippines, and Scotland. Students gain hands-on experience in an international community service agency. We also offer a Master's degree in International Service. Dates: Summer, semester, year, or intersession. Costs: Vary. Contact: The International Partnership for Service-Learning, 815 2nd Ave., Suite 315, New York, NY 10017; 212-986-0989, fax 212-986-5039
Teaching and Projects Abroad - Teaching and Projects Abroad- With Teaching and Projects Abroad you can enjoy adventurous foreign travel with a chance to do a worthwhile job. You can teach conversational English or gain experience in medicine, veterinary medicine, conservation, journalism, or business. Dates: Programs available throughout the year. Costs: From $1,280, includes all accommodations, food, placement insurance, and local support. Contact: Teaching and Projects Abroad, Gerrard House, Rustington, W. Sussex BN16 1AW, U.K.; 011-44-1903-859911, fax 011-44-1903-785779
The National Meditation Center - The National Meditation Center - A humanitarian agency with volunteer work camps,internships and cultural tours to the philippines.We are now establishing a camp to train International volunteer be a volunteer and see the world.
UN Volunteers -UN Volunteers - The UNV programme promotes volunteer contributions to development, especially with community focus and seeks to influence policy for sustainable
Voluntary Service Overseas - Voluntary Service Overseas- is a charity that sends aid to developing countries - not in the form of money, food, clothing or equipment, but in the form of expert volunteers. The right people with the right skills who are committed to ensuring lasting, sustainable improvements where they are most needed. VSO volunteers are recruited from around the world, and all are dedicated to sharing skills and building the capabilities of those with whom they work.
Voluntary Work Information Service (VWIS) - Voluntary Work Information Service (VWIS) - VWIS is "a Swiss based, independent, non-profit organization providing information on voluntary work opportunities in over 150 countries world-wide, principally in the environmental and humanitarian fields, for people of all ages and nationalities."
Volunteer International Projects - Volunteer International Projects- Volunteer or Inter in South Asia (Sri Lanka, India & the maldive Islands) For more details visit our site -
Volunteer Opportunities -Volunteer Opportunities - ACDI/VOCA is a nonprofit international development organization providing technical expertise in 33 countries worldwide, with over 700 volunteer opportunities each year. ACDI/VOCA manages long- and short-term economic development programs that focus on: business development, cooperative development, rural finance, agricultural extension, and food security. oDates: Year round. Costs: None. Contact: ACDI/VOCA, Attn: Recruitment, 50 F St., N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20001; 800-929-8622, fax 202-626-8726
Work Abroad - Work Ab road- If you are baffled as to a future career and are ready to explore the many doors of opportunity that short-term jobs have to offer, you've come to the right place. Back Door Jobs is simply about discovering life's options and finding your place in the world (and that's real exciting stuff). So explore, dreams into reality. The website of Michael Landes, author of The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures
WorldTeach in Africa, Asia, and Latin America -WorldTeach in Africa, Asia, and Latin America - WorldTeach is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as volunteer teachers in developing countries. Offers 8-week summer teaching programs to qualified adults, 18 years and older, in Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Namibia and China (Yantai); involves either English or basic computer/internet skills teaching assignments. (WorldTeach also has year and semester teaching placements. Check our web site for details.) Dates: Jun 20-Aug 20. Costs: $3,990 includes international roundtrip airfare, health insurance, orientation and training, room and board, and in-country staff support. Contact: WorldTeach, Center for International Development, Harvard Univ., 79 John F. Kennedy St., Cambridge, MA 02138; 800-483-2240 or 617-495-5527, fax 617-495-1599
Youth International -Youth International - An experiential education program focusing on international travel and intercultural exchange, adventure, community service, and homestays. Teams of 12, aged 18-25, travel together for 1 semester to Southeast Asia and India/Nepal, or East Africa and the Middle East. Assist refugees, hike the Himalayas, live with and help an African tribe, scuba dive, and much more. Dates: Fall semester: early Sep-mid-Dec (15 weeks); spring: late Jan-late May (18 weeks). Costs: Fall 2000: $6,500 (Asia), $7,000 (Africa); spring 2001: $7,500 (Asia), $8,000 (Africa). Contact:Brad Gillings, Youth International, 1121 Downing St., #2, Denver, CO 80218; 303-839-5877, fax 303-839-5887





Youth organizations

Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS)

CCIVS is an international non-governmental organisation created in 1948 under the aegis of UNESCO which plays a coordinating role in the sphere of voluntary service.

Pro Youth International

The aim of this project is to create in WWW a youth related database with information on different structures and organisations working in the field of youth work in Europe, and to build links to all the existing information on the national / regional / local level.

Voluntary organizations


IDEALIST is a project of Action Without Borders. 14,000 organizations under one roof!
Take Action Now: Search for organizations, Browse by country, Volunteer opportunities, Search for Programs & services, Materials &publications, Upcoming events, Breaking news, Other nonprofit directories and much more.

ICYE European Association

The purpose of the European Association is to facilitate intercultural exchanges, as mean of intercultural education and of becoming sensitive to the social, political and economical realities of Europe and the world.

ICYE International Federation

ICYE is an international non-governemental organisation founded in 1949 to contribute, through one-year youth exchanges, to initiatives for peace and reconciliation among the peoples involved in World War II.

Association of Voluntary Service Orginizations (AVSO)

AVSO aims to promote Voluntary Service by lobbying governmental institutions, by networking with other NGO's, by organising seminars on issues related to Voluntary Service, by publishing and disseminating information.


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A może na Jamajkę?


Professionals Required

The proposed Bob MarleySchool for the Arts Institute is clearly a winner for tomorrow's people of Jamaica - homeland of Bob Marley. We need your blessings and professional help in all phases of its development. 

We believe that if you, Friends of Bob Marley, scan your database, will find professionals who would love to do something (charitable or otherwise) to uplift our Third World Cultural and Education environment. 

We are inviting professionals to visit Jamaica's Diamond Hill Estate for a totally enjoyable, self-fulfilling, sunny, working vacation, assisting in the following areas to develop this First World Educational facility:

    • Development of eight hotels
    • Curriculum Development
    • Architectural
    • Engineers
    • Environmental
    • Conservation & Ecological
    • Tertiary and Higher Education Faculty
    • Funding
    • Project Management
    • Radio and Television
    • Communication System
    • Computer System
    • Design and Consultants
    • Sound and light system
    • General Store
    • Music, etc

(Free accommodation will be provided)

For further information, e-mail or write to: 

Professional Help c/o Astor Black, Chairman  
Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute  
PO Box 1823 • Falmouth • Trelawny • Jamaica W.I  
Telephone (876) 954-5252 

~ click here to see a few of the many responses received ~

A co powiecie na płd Afrykę? Niestety to już więcej kosztuje:


Southern African Student Volunteers (SASVO)

To be announced.

Voluntary Workcamps of the Eastern Cape (VOLECA)

VOLECA charges a participation fee of US$75 to volunteers from OECD countries and countries where GDP per capita is US$10 000 or higher.

To be announced.

Quaker Peace Centre (QPC)

VOLECA charges a participation fee to volunteers from OECD countries and countries where GDP per capita is US$10 000 or higher. Volunteers of the Global South are accepted free of charge.

QPC-01 Viljoenskroon United Congregational Church 16/03/2002-06/04/2002 CONS 8 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Construction of a pastor's house in the church yard; occasional assistance in feeding scheme. Study: Workshops on community building, culture, ancestral beliefs, encounters with schools and choir music. Accommodation: at church facilities (spare rooms) sleeping on mattresses. Bring: Warm clothes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, sleeping bags, pillow, and games. +Fee: US$100.

QPC-02 Workcamp Leadership Training Seminar 06/05/2002-10/05/2002 STUDY 20 VOLS AGES 18+
Study: What are workcamps? The international workcamp movement - history and rationale, intercultural awareness and dynamics, leadership, conflict resolution and mediation, problem solving, group dynamics, decision making, facilitation, workcamp financial management, workcamp practical management. Accommodation: St Raphael's Retreat House near Cape Town. Bring: Warm clothes, towel, and toiletries.

QPC-03 Amatola Region 28/06/2002 - 20/07/2002 ENVI 15 VOLS
Work: Planting of trees, clean-up campaign, removing alien trees, water source protection, developing cultural hiking trails, sanitation. Study:Cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution. Study and Recreation:Arts Festival in Grahamstown, cultural village events, trips. Accommodation: In a village centre (sleeping on mattresses). Location: Peddie Region (about 50 km from King William's Town and about 50 km from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province). Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, musical instruments for evening entertainment. +Fee:US$210.

QPC-04 Hilltop Empowerment Centre 28/06/2002 - 20/07/2002 ENVI 15 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Planting of trees, clean-up campaign, removing alien trees, water source protection, developing cultural hiking trails. Study and Recreation:Cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution, Arts Festival in Grahamstown, cultural village events, trips. Accommodation: On a farm (sleeping on mattresses). Location: Hanover Village (about 15 km from King William's Town and about 60 km from East London in the Eastern Cape Province). Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, musical instruments for evening entertainment. +Fee: US$210.

QPC-05 Peddie Village 26/07/2002 - 17/08/2002 ENVI 15 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Planting of trees, helping with community gardens (vegetable gardens), clean-up campaign, removing alien trees, water source protection, developing cultural hiking trails. Study and Recreation: Cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution, National Women's Day, cultural village events, trips. Accommodation: In a village centre (sleeping on mattresses). Location: Peddie Village (about 50 km from King William’s Town and about 50 km from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province). Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, musical instruments for evening entertainment. +Fee: US$210.

QPC-06 Limietberg Nature Reserve 28/09/2002-19/10/2002 ENVI 12 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Maintenance of hiking paths and huts, eradication of invasive alien vegetation. Vols will walk to places of work. Accommodation: In huts. Location: 120 km from Cape Town and 10 km from Paarl, a very beautiful and isolated area in the mountains. Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, games and musical instruments for the evenings. +Fee: US$100.

QPC-07 Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve 19/10/2002-09/11/2002 ENVI 12 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Maintenance of hiking paths, eradication of invasive alien vegetation. Vols will walk to places of work. Accommodation: In a rustic shed. Location: 120 km from Cape Town and 10 km from Grabouw, a very beautiful and isolated area in the mountains. Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, games and musical instruments for evening entertainment. +Fee US$100.

QPC-08 Kogelberg Nature Reserve 19/10/2002-09/11/2002 ENVI 12 VOLS AGES 18-35
Work: Maintenance of hiking paths, eradication of invasive alien vegetation. Vols will walk to places of work. Accommodation: In wooden hut. Location: 120 km from Cape Town and 10 km from Betty's Bay, a very beautiful and isolated area in the mountains with the coast 5 km away. Bring: Warm clothes, rain gear, closed shoes, working clothes that can take a few scratches, work gloves, sleeping bag, pillow, sunblock (lotion), hat, swimming costume, games and musical instruments for evening entertainment. +Fee: US$100


Zimbabwe Workcamps Association (ZWA)

ZWA charges a participation fee of US$210 to volunteers from OECD countries and countries where GDP per capita is US$10 000 or higher.


Z.W.A. was founded in October 1993. It is a non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary organization. Its membership is open to anyone above the age of sixteen irrespective of nationality; religion; race; political view or educational qualification.


To assist with community development,

To promote international understanding through voluntary services,

To enable young people to encounter and understand different cultures,

To encourage the concept of voluntary services as a force in search for peace, equality;democracy and international understanding,

To provide opportunities for the people of Zimbabwe to become aware of international issues.


The work varies greatly from one project to the other. It normally involves

Construction work in remote rural villages, nature conservation work, and the restoration of historical monuments, brick molding, health and Aids awareness campaigns, sanitation projects such as digging water wells and erecting Blair toilets. The communities may ask us to perform other specific tasks outside the scope of our agreement. This way is seen as a way of promoting intercultural understanding.


This is normally provided for duration of the project. Most of our projects are usually self-catering (unless it is stated otherwise) and sufficient money is provided for you to buy and cook food together. Please bring with you traditional recipes that do not require particularly special ingredients. Accommodation is usually in classrooms or tents but this is known before hand.


This is not known until you arrive, each project is made up of people of various nationalities, ages and backgrounds. On every project there is a camp leader usually chosen and trained by ourselves. The leader depends on the full participation of each volunteer, so it is the whole group's responsibility to ensure that the project is a success.


Upon arrival at the airport volunteers might want to change some money, not all, (about US$20) for transport and other things) at the bureau de change. Participants should remember to bring suitable clothes (e.g. winter /summer clothes) depending on the geographical location of the workcamp they would have chosen, a good sleeping bag; a small mattress; working boots and gloves. Also bring with you some recipes, some music from your country as well as musical instruments, if you can play one, etc. In Zimbabwe only powerful currencies are exchangeable such as the British pound, US dollar, Euro and for other currencies ask first before bringing them to Zimbabwe. The exchange of money is done at the banks, Bureau de change and any other officially licensed places. Dealing on the black market is a serious offence and anyone found doing so would be arrested.


The workcamp participation fee is strictly US$ 210 (no Zimbabwean dollars shall be accepted) and this covers simple rural accommodation, food and project expenses. Please note that this does not include travel expenses to and from the camp, so participants are asked to reserve a small amount of money for transport which is between US$ 30 & US$ 50 for the return journey.

Weekends are meant for free tours that the group can organize by itself. You can decide to visit places of interest within the vicinity of the work camp. It has now become a custom in all our Workcamps to have cultural nights. This affords each volunteer the opportunity to present her/his country and culture. Please bring with you your national flag and traditional dress if possible.


Participants should arrive at least two days before the camp starts for orientation, and they should not go to the camp before coming to Z.W.A. office. It is also important to note that project locations may change due to several reasons, some within (too few application, massive cancellations or community failing to make its contribution to the project) and without our control (political instability, natural disasters). On arrival at the airport take a taxi to our office which is right in the city centre (HARARE). It will cost you around US$ 15. PLEASE NOTE do not leave your baggage with the taxi driver.


Physical address Postal address
Room 509 to [514 Reception]
5th floor Harare
Thaine Building
99 R Mugabe Road
P.O. Box CY 2039

Tel: +263 4 723111 e-mail:

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Z W A 01 @ Nkayi 19/04/2002 - 09/05/2002 No of participants 10-15

The participants will work together with the Nkayi community in the construction of a classroom block at Mtashabi primary school. The classroom will be a multi purpose building e.g. it will be used for women's gatherings, church services and other community assemblies.

Classrooms will be used for accommodation (self-catering, no showers) and cooking will be over an open fire and participants will take turns to cook following a duty roster made by their camp leader.

Situated at about 200 km, south of Bulawayo, the city of kings. (Matebeleland North Province)

Z W A 02 @ Shangani 19/04/2002 - 09/05/2002 No of participants 10-15

The volunteers will work with the Shangani community, the Ministry of education and the Forestry Commission. The volunteers will construct a classroom block at St Lucia primary school, plant trees, carry out environmental awareness campaigns and gully reclamation.

Classrooms will be used for accommodation (self-catering, no showers) and cooking will be done over an open fire.

About 70 km north east of Bulawayo. (Matebeleland Province)

Z W A 03 @ Beitbridge 19/04/2002 - 09/05/2002 No of participants 10-12

The project will be at Masungane Primary school. Volunteers will work with the local community in the construction of a teacher's house for the school. In Zimbabwe and in most rural schools, it is the responsibility of the school to provide decent accommodation for its teachers. Hence the necessity of this project

Classrooms will be used for accommodation (self-catering, no showers).

Masungane is about 790 Km away from Harare in Matebeleland south province.

Z W A 04 @ Nkayi 19/04/2002 - 09/05/2002 No of Participants 10-15

The project is in Zidulini Primary School. The Volunteers will work with the community on the construction of a classroom block. The area is very remote with abundance of flora and fauna.

Classroom will be used for an accommodation. (self-catering, no showers)

260 km in the south of Bulawayo (Matabeleland North Province)

Z W A 05 @ Serengeti Five 19/04/2002 - 09/05/2002 No of Participants 10-15

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